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A note on metal in Germany |

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Articles

Metal music as every hard music has a broad acceptance in Germany that even could not be shaken by the ascendance of hip hop in the late 90s and 2000s. With famed rock bands Accept and Scorpions having paved the ground of many parents, the advent of Metallica and other US based metal acts did not shock the German music scene. In contrary, Germany is host to the largest metal festivals in the world and also in (more or less) adjacent genres of the heavier kind. Germany is boasting a number of large-scale events that have risen to fame, such as de Mera’Luna festival or the annual gothic meetup in Dresden. Even in terms of Rock, the annual Rock am Ring/Rock im Park event cooperation with over one hundred thousand attendees shows the affinity of Germans to guitar-based music.

金属音乐跟其他重口味的音乐一样在德国很受欢迎,即使像在90年代末和21世纪初期极为主流的嘻哈音乐也没能撼动它的地位。很多父母那个年代的人都已经听过像Accept和Scorpions(蝎子)这样的老牌摇滚乐队,所以一些后来的像Metallica和其他一些美国金属乐队的演出就并没有震感德国的金属舞台。相反的是,世界上最大的金属音乐节仍然是在德国举行,同时其它一些重型的音乐活动也是如此。有很多著名音乐活动都是在德国举行,像de Mera’Luna或者每年在德雷斯顿举行的哥特聚会。即使说到摇滚,在一年一度的Rock am Ring和Rock im Park活动中也有超过一百万的参与者,展示出德国人对于基于吉他的音乐的喜爱。

As such it should not come to a big surprise that among the biggest metal acts of the world there are a number of German representatives, e.g. Rammstein or Blind Guardian. The former one being denounced in the metal scene for being too mainstream and commercially-orientated, yet being Germany’s biggest metal export it is still a warm and familiar feeling when one hears the sounds of “Mutter” or “Engel” somewhere in a bar in New Delhi, India, or Hongkong, China. The later of the two bands might not have reached such a breakthrough in mainstream media but has achieved a legendary status in its particular genre, power metal!

照此,人们就不会惊讶在世界众多的金属乐队中有很多来自德国的代表,例如Rammstein或者Blind Guardian。前者在德国金属界常常被指责认为是太过主流,太过商业化,但是作为德国在海外最著名的金属乐队之一,无论你是在印度的新德里还是在中国香港的某个酒吧里,当你听到Mutter或者Egnel的音乐,它都会让你倍感亲切。但是后者也许在主流媒体中还没有达到这样的成就,但是它仍然在力量金属这个特定的风格里取得了传奇式的地位。

Photos by Azchael. Translation by Lavril.