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The Summer Breeze festival is a metal festival located in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. For those unfamiliar with Germany: South East Germany. Attracting roughly 40000 metalheads every year it is a chosen alternative to Wacken Open Air for many South German fans.

夏日微风音乐节( The Summer Breeze festival)是一个在德国丁克尔斯比尔举办的金属音乐节。对于那些对德国不太熟悉的人来说,它是一个举行在德国东南部,每年大约吸引四万多酷爱金属音乐的人的盛会,并且是一个对于德国南部的粉丝来说,可以代替Wacken Open Air 的音乐节。

The festival is having their 15th anniversary this year (2012) and have invited major metal acts ICED EARTH, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, WITHIN TEMPTATION, PARADISE LOST and KATATONIA amongst others to perform on one of their three stages.

今年(2012)夏日微风音乐节迎来了它的第十五个生日,为了庆祝这个值得纪念的年份,他已邀请了像Ice Earth, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Katatonia等其他大牌金属乐队前来参加这次金属的盛会,这些优秀的乐队将分别在三个舞台上为大家带来精彩的演出。

Last year’s performances of NAERA, THE OCEAN and HATEBREED caught the attention of many fans and Summer Breeze is one of the few festivals in Germany still allowing Walls of Death and Circle Pits. During the gig of NAERA the circle pit involved over 2000 people and ran once across the party stage tent and around the sound station.

去年像Naera, The Ocean, Hatebreed这些乐队的演出吸引很多粉丝的眼球。在德国夏日微风音乐节是为数不多的仍然允许死亡之墙和拉圈的音乐节之一。在Naera的演出当中,有超过两千人参与了拉圈,并且穿过了能够容纳上千人的金属派对舞台,甚至跑绕过了音效站。

Between the Party Stage and the Main Stages there is a huge metal flea market that offers CDs, T-Shirts and other accessories for the metal fan, from the obligatory German festival drinking horn (Viking style) to a full-blown gothic lolita dress.


Most of the fans choose to camp on one of the many camping grounds set up directly around the festival area and they stay usually the full three and a half days (16th to 18th August) enjoying free shuttle bus services to Dinkelsbühl in the morning for shopping food for the day or eating at the McDonalds.


A particular advantage of Summer Breeze compared to other German festivals is the excellent washroom service team which is taking very good care of the camping ground and festival toilets, cleaning them every 4 hours and thereby ensuring that despite the daring sun, taking a time out is still bearable.


The atmosphere at Summer Breeze is friendly, usually a little bit drunk and full of music-crazy people that like to show off their latest metal gear。 It can also happen that suddenly on-the-spot mud wrestling somewhere on the camping ground is arranged or that someone shares with you a cold beer from the gas-engine-driven fridge (tightly secured with a motor bike chain).


Hail Metal and Hail Summer Breeze!