Evocation – 1942 | Chinese Black / Death Metal

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Introducing Chinese Metal
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Evocation was founded in 2004. Members at that time included Tomy (Guitar and vocal), Kei (Guitar), Lo (Bass) and Kin (Drum). The first performance Evocation participated in was the Punk+Metal+Hardcore Festival in 2004. Afterward, members of the band changed that Lazy (Drum) and Wing (Bass) joined and before Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Extreme, 2005, Wing left the band. Then Ming, the former bassist from Cadaver assisted in the performance. In 2006, Tai (Guitar) and BS (Keyboard, former Cadaver drummer) joined the band. Kei changed to playing bass. During this period, Evocation continued its performance and started to record its own album “Take Your Soul”. Then Lazy and Kei left the band. BS changed to playing keyboard and Chung (bass) joined the band. The current members of Evocation are: Tomy (Guitar and vocal), Tai (Guitar), Chung (Bassist) and BS (Drum).

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