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As Beijingdaze has correctly pointed out the Wacken Metal Battle 2012 is in its final rounds and above you can see the finalists for this years’ battle.

The bands are:

The Wacken Open Air is not only Germany’s largest metal festival but also the largest metal festival globally. With 128 days to go, the festival is already sold out and features this year: Cradle of Filth, In Flames, Leningrad Cowboys, Machine Head, Opeth and Testament. The Metal Battle is part of the many activities held in conjunction with the festival and the winners of each country’s metal battle get a slot at one of the smaller festival stages and compete against each other to win the Metal Battle for each year.

May the best band win! Hail metal \m/

Azchael and Lavril of Painkiller interviewed punk rock band RIOTS from Norway. From Riots:

G= Gisle   P= Paul   Mari   M=Mathias

Check it out below:

Lavril: Can you introduce your band and describe the music you are doing?

G: Riots play good, fast, punk rock. It’s music for the masses.
G: Riots做的是很棒很快的朋克摇滚音乐,是面向大众的音乐。

Mari: We´re a 4 piece punk rock band consisting of members from Norway, Sweden and the UK. Brought together by the love for punk rock. And we love our “ooooos” and “aaaaas”.
Mari: 我们是由分别来自挪威,瑞典,英国的四个人组成的朋克摇滚乐队。对于朋克摇滚音乐的热爱让我们走到了一起,我们喜欢自己的“ooooos”“aaaaas”这样的声音。

Lavril: You guys have toured mainly in Europe. What brings you to the idea of touring in China?

G: The Peoples Republic of China has a young, and new, punk scene. We wanted to contribute to its development.
G: 中国有一个很年轻很新的朋克圈,我们想为它的发展做点贡献。

P: And it seems a little starved for international punk rock, I don’t know how many foreign punk bands that have toured China, probably less than 100? Anyway, We’ll be the first ever norwegian/swedish/english punk band in history to tour China, so in a way that is in itself a landmark we are proud of

Lavril: What kind of contacts or ways you have been using to finally make the China tour plan through?

P: Ray from No Name has booked the whole tour for us. He did the same for Sham 69, The Vibrators and The Casualties amongst others. We did contact other agencies in China, but seeing as though Ray really seemed to know what he was doing, and the feedback from Sham 69 we got, was like… “Ray is a top man, you gotta go, lifetimes experience”..etc, so we just had to go
P: 无名乐队的Ray帮我们制订了整个巡演计划。他以前也帮像Sham 69,The Vibrators,The Casualties等其他一些乐队做过同样俄计划。我们也联络过其他一些中国的音乐公司,但是似乎Ray更知道他自己在做什么。而且我们也从Sham 69那里得到了一些回馈意见,他们说…“Ray是一个很棒的人,你们应该去,多一些经历和体验”…等等。所以我们就决定要去了。

Lavril: What’s the rock or metal scene of China in your mind?

G: The scene in China seems mainly influenced by American rock/punk/metal. Its time to bring the famous legacy of Scandinavian rock to China!
G: 中国的这些音乐主要是受美国的摇滚/金属/朋克的影响。是时候把斯堪的纳维亚著名的传奇式的摇滚乐带到中国了!

Lavril: What is your expectation of cities like Wuhan or Nanchang? Have you tried to contact anyone over there to promote your music?

G: In Scandinavia, and Europe, we found that the people in smaller cities are more dedicated and open to bands who are not big stars. They seem to appreciate smaller bands more than they do in bigger cities.
G: 在斯堪的纳维亚或者欧洲,我们发现小城市的人们对于不太出名的乐队会更专注更开放。他们似乎比大城市的人们更欣赏那些小乐队。

P: Yes, the smaller places we play we seem to be appreciated more, like they are starved for this kind of stuff. But smaller cities in China are probably really big in comparison to European cities. I’ve seen photos of various cities in china, I guess you don’t get a idea of the size. It’s probably going to blow our minds
P: 是的,我们演出过的小城市的人们似乎更欣赏我们,好像他们更渴望这样的东西。但是跟欧洲的城市相比,中国的小城市很可能会非常大。我看过不少中国城市的照片,我觉得你没法想象它的大小。很有可能让你大吃一惊。

Lavril: Are you an underground band? What is “underground” in your country or in your mind?

G: We are most definitely an underground band in many ways. We are not signed to a big label.
G: 从很多层面上来说,我们的确是地下乐队。我们没有和大的唱片公司签约。

P: We’re not signed to any label actually! It would be good to be able to work with some, get our music out there.
P: 事实上我们还没有跟任何唱片公司签约。如果能和某些合作,让我们的音乐更广泛的传播当然更好。

G: But, most it’s about the DIY spirit and the urge to do something. Kids all over the world need to feel, and know, that anyone can do this, do music. Do something for themselves, and that is underground.
G: 但是,更多的是自己做点什么的这种精神和做事情的这种冲动。世界上的年轻人需要去感受和知道有人可以做这样的东西,做音乐,,为他们自己做点什么,这就是所谓的“地下”

P: We do everything ourselves. We have a new cd out for the china tour. This will be the first time anyone else has put out our music. We usually book our own tours, record, mix, design our own t-shirts, covers and burn our own cd’s etc…we have full control over everything we do. Would be really strange to leave that to other people.
There is a really healthy underground scene in Europe. All the punk bands help each other out. “All for one, one for all” spirit. In Norway though the motto seems to be “all for ourselves”. Not too much camaraderie in Norway, which is a shame

Lavril: Why you changed your band name from Goldcrush to Riots?

G: Riots just let people know that we are a left-wing punk rock band.
G: Riots只是让人们知道我们是一只左翼的朋克乐队。

Mari: When we changed singer, we felt that a name change was in place, it only took us ten years to make up our minds.
Mari: 当我们换主唱的时候就觉得应该换名字了,只是花了10年时间我们才做出这一决定。

P: Difficult one this… When we changed vocalists we should have changed the name then, we didn’t. Better later than never though.
But at midi, we were originally booked as Goldcrush before we changed our name. Its the same band, different name. We tried to get midi to change it, but they said they weren’t comfortable with the new name, so the last gig ever under the name Goldcrush will be in Beijing. Who would have thought that!

M – Goldcrush was just a kind of temporary name that we somehow got stuck with for 11 years. We don´t sound like we did 11 years ago and we want people to listen to us without thinking “Goldcrush”.
M: Goldcrush其实只是一个暂时的名字但是由于一些原因我们却用了十一年,我们现在听起来和11年前不一样了,所以我们希望大家在听我们的音乐时不要再想到Goldcrush。

Lavril: Are you doing the band because of your passion towards the music itself or you wanna make it break through like any other super famous bands?

G: To play in band is something we do because we love it. And we also feel its a good way to tell the world how we feel and what we want to change. punk is the ultimate tool for telling it like it is.
G: 做乐队是因为我们真的很热爱它,同时我们也认为这是一种很好的方式去告诉世界我们的感受和我们想要改变的东西。朋克是用来表达的终极方式。

Mari – We play because of our passion to music and our needs to express ourselves, and also because it´s fun!

P: We love playing gigs, travelling far off places and meeting great people (a few nutty ones along the way.. but hey!) 
And you look at places where there is a flourishing punk movement, usually indicates that there are both social and economic problems in that country, I guess it sounds cliché but punk music is still the music of rebellion and anger
P: 我们喜欢演出喜欢到很远的不同的地方,见面很棒的人(也有一小部分很怪的人,但是无所谓!)。当你看到那些有很活跃的朋克运动的地方,通常说明在那个国家有社会而经济上的问题。我猜这听起来一定很老套,但是朋克音乐仍然是叛逆与愤怒的音乐。

Lavril: From the musical level, do you think there is any difference between an underground band and a commercial big band? If so, what is it?

G: I do believe that anyone who does music does it for the love to music. but its harder, and may be more heartfelt, for some smaller bands. You don’t make any money, but being on the road, playing shows and meeting new people is so much fun. I can’t imagine living life without doing this. I think that big stars miss out on a lot of these things, which are one of the reasons why they started doing this.
G: 我坚信那些做音乐 的人是因为对于音乐的热爱,但是对于小的乐队,他们可能会更努力更真诚。你不会因此赚到什么钱,但是在音乐的道路上,演出,见面新的朋友真的非常棒。我无法想象生活里没有这些会怎么样。我觉得那些大明星们最初开始做音乐时也是想要这样的乐趣,但是他们却错过了很多。

Mari: As long as you´re true to your music, it doesn’t matter if you have sold 2 or 2 million records, but a underground band never sell out for money.
Mari: 只要你对音乐是真诚的,无所谓你卖出了两百万张CD还是两张,但是地下乐队从来不会为了钱而出卖自己。

Lavril: Did you hear of Rock In China before? How you get to know this website?
你们以前听说过Rock In China吗?你们是怎么知道这个网站的?

G: yes, there have been many Scandinavian bands doing china for some years now, so its known in the scene. And please link to Soundcloud (with our new album tracks on)
G: 是的,很多斯堪的纳维亚的乐队在中国做巡演已经有几年的时间了,所以在这个圈子里大家都知道。下面的是我们新专辑在Soundloud上的链接。

And a Douban site (with our album demo tracks on): httP://
Riots: (this is available in China, though we have a lot of facebook/you tube interaction on the site …)这个在中国可以打开,尽管有很多facebook和youtube的内容在上面)
New Album
CD version is out on Kids Unite Records (China) 27. April
Vinyl LP version is out on Subversive Records (Norway) 20. April
4月27日CD会在Kids Records(中国)发行
4月20日Viny1LP会在Subversive Records(挪威)发行

Here is their tour schedule:

27 April 2012 – Castle Bar, Nanjing

28 April 2012 – Lanwaifang Bar, Jinan

29 April 2012 – Midi Festival, Beijing (Afternoon)

29 April 2012 – Temple Bar, Beijing (Evening)

30 April 2012 – 7 Live house, Zhengzhou

01 May 2012 – South Street Live, Xi’an

02 May 2012 – Vox, Wuhan

03 May 2012 – Black Iron Livehouse, Nanchang

04 May 2012 – 9 Club, Hangzhou

05 May 2012 – Yuyingtang Live House, Shanghai

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Our official website is down! Don’t worry, don’t panic! Painkiller is sorting things out with our ISP and hopefully everything will be restored to metal maniac normality soon.

Meanwhile, check out some Chinese metal:

Voodoo Kungfu – Black Folk:

Tang Dynasty – A dream return to Tang Dynasty

Lunar Eclipse – Who cares me

A note on metal in Germany |

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Metal music as every hard music has a broad acceptance in Germany that even could not be shaken by the ascendance of hip hop in the late 90s and 2000s. With famed rock bands Accept and Scorpions having paved the ground of many parents, the advent of Metallica and other US based metal acts did not shock the German music scene. In contrary, Germany is host to the largest metal festivals in the world and also in (more or less) adjacent genres of the heavier kind. Germany is boasting a number of large-scale events that have risen to fame, such as de Mera’Luna festival or the annual gothic meetup in Dresden. Even in terms of Rock, the annual Rock am Ring/Rock im Park event cooperation with over one hundred thousand attendees shows the affinity of Germans to guitar-based music.

金属音乐跟其他重口味的音乐一样在德国很受欢迎,即使像在90年代末和21世纪初期极为主流的嘻哈音乐也没能撼动它的地位。很多父母那个年代的人都已经听过像Accept和Scorpions(蝎子)这样的老牌摇滚乐队,所以一些后来的像Metallica和其他一些美国金属乐队的演出就并没有震感德国的金属舞台。相反的是,世界上最大的金属音乐节仍然是在德国举行,同时其它一些重型的音乐活动也是如此。有很多著名音乐活动都是在德国举行,像de Mera’Luna或者每年在德雷斯顿举行的哥特聚会。即使说到摇滚,在一年一度的Rock am Ring和Rock im Park活动中也有超过一百万的参与者,展示出德国人对于基于吉他的音乐的喜爱。

As such it should not come to a big surprise that among the biggest metal acts of the world there are a number of German representatives, e.g. Rammstein or Blind Guardian. The former one being denounced in the metal scene for being too mainstream and commercially-orientated, yet being Germany’s biggest metal export it is still a warm and familiar feeling when one hears the sounds of “Mutter” or “Engel” somewhere in a bar in New Delhi, India, or Hongkong, China. The later of the two bands might not have reached such a breakthrough in mainstream media but has achieved a legendary status in its particular genre, power metal!

照此,人们就不会惊讶在世界众多的金属乐队中有很多来自德国的代表,例如Rammstein或者Blind Guardian。前者在德国金属界常常被指责认为是太过主流,太过商业化,但是作为德国在海外最著名的金属乐队之一,无论你是在印度的新德里还是在中国香港的某个酒吧里,当你听到Mutter或者Egnel的音乐,它都会让你倍感亲切。但是后者也许在主流媒体中还没有达到这样的成就,但是它仍然在力量金属这个特定的风格里取得了传奇式的地位。

Photos by Azchael. Translation by Lavril.

Painkiller Magazine #45 is published in March 2012 and features amongst others:

  • Megadeath
  • Machine Head
  • Vader
  • The Kandidate
  • The Haunted
  • Scarred by Beauty
  • King Ly Chee
  • Skindred
  • Hibria

If you don’t know Chinese hardcore band King Ly Chee, then check out this video:

The Summer Breeze festival is a metal festival located in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. For those unfamiliar with Germany: South East Germany. Attracting roughly 40000 metalheads every year it is a chosen alternative to Wacken Open Air for many South German fans.

夏日微风音乐节( The Summer Breeze festival)是一个在德国丁克尔斯比尔举办的金属音乐节。对于那些对德国不太熟悉的人来说,它是一个举行在德国东南部,每年大约吸引四万多酷爱金属音乐的人的盛会,并且是一个对于德国南部的粉丝来说,可以代替Wacken Open Air 的音乐节。

The festival is having their 15th anniversary this year (2012) and have invited major metal acts ICED EARTH, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, WITHIN TEMPTATION, PARADISE LOST and KATATONIA amongst others to perform on one of their three stages.

今年(2012)夏日微风音乐节迎来了它的第十五个生日,为了庆祝这个值得纪念的年份,他已邀请了像Ice Earth, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Katatonia等其他大牌金属乐队前来参加这次金属的盛会,这些优秀的乐队将分别在三个舞台上为大家带来精彩的演出。

Last year’s performances of NAERA, THE OCEAN and HATEBREED caught the attention of many fans and Summer Breeze is one of the few festivals in Germany still allowing Walls of Death and Circle Pits. During the gig of NAERA the circle pit involved over 2000 people and ran once across the party stage tent and around the sound station.

去年像Naera, The Ocean, Hatebreed这些乐队的演出吸引很多粉丝的眼球。在德国夏日微风音乐节是为数不多的仍然允许死亡之墙和拉圈的音乐节之一。在Naera的演出当中,有超过两千人参与了拉圈,并且穿过了能够容纳上千人的金属派对舞台,甚至跑绕过了音效站。

Between the Party Stage and the Main Stages there is a huge metal flea market that offers CDs, T-Shirts and other accessories for the metal fan, from the obligatory German festival drinking horn (Viking style) to a full-blown gothic lolita dress.


Most of the fans choose to camp on one of the many camping grounds set up directly around the festival area and they stay usually the full three and a half days (16th to 18th August) enjoying free shuttle bus services to Dinkelsbühl in the morning for shopping food for the day or eating at the McDonalds.


A particular advantage of Summer Breeze compared to other German festivals is the excellent washroom service team which is taking very good care of the camping ground and festival toilets, cleaning them every 4 hours and thereby ensuring that despite the daring sun, taking a time out is still bearable.


The atmosphere at Summer Breeze is friendly, usually a little bit drunk and full of music-crazy people that like to show off their latest metal gear。 It can also happen that suddenly on-the-spot mud wrestling somewhere on the camping ground is arranged or that someone shares with you a cold beer from the gas-engine-driven fridge (tightly secured with a motor bike chain).


Hail Metal and Hail Summer Breeze!


Painkiller and Icon Promotions present brutal death metal band Revilement from Taibei, Taiwan. The band will tour China in April this year. Here is what the band said about themselves on their Reverbnation page:

Revilement was founded in September of 2006 and started out as an old school death metal band. Over time, membership changes brought a change in musical style, and the band evolved a more brutal and technical style in the vein of bands such as Dying Fetus, Skinless, Suffocation and Devourment. In August of 2009, the band released its debut E.P., Human Vivisection, and played its first gig outside of Taiwan at Hong Kong’s Tomahawk Metal Fest. Since then, Revilement has toured Japan, South Korea, and will soon head to Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines to spread the sickness even further throughout Asia. Revilement is currently completing it’s debut full length album, Pillars of Balance, which will be released on Coyote Records.

Check out Revilement’s song “Perverse Malevolence”:

Support bands are not yet announced but will be added soon. For those unfamiliar with the China scene, the selected venues 13 Club and VOX Bar have quite a history, with 13 Club being the metal haven of Beijing and its owner Liu Lixin being band member of ORDNANCE and founder of metal label DIME RECORDS. VOX Bar in contrast is the number one stop for all kind of bands in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, and was home for most of the punk scene during the 2000s. Being open for over 10 years is a record by itself and being able to play in VOX is an honour.

Further details:


Date: April 1st 2012

Venue: 13 Club

Tickets: 60 RMB


Date: April 2nd 2012

Venue: VOX Bar

Tickets: 50 RMB


Date: April 3rd 2012

Venue: MUSICIAN LIVEHOUSE 南华中路180号兰亭御园首层,海幢寺北门旁

Tickets: 预售50元,现场70元(票价包含赠送啤酒或饮料一支)

Above is the song “Of Living and Dying” from Henan metalcore band Why Lazy, who have recently joined the CORE IN CHINA compilation project. This song was taken from the Resurrection of the Gods 7 compilation released by our sister company Mort Productions that also released Why Lazy’s EP Precipitation. Having been around for a couple of years, this band underwent a series of lineup changes until finally resting with the band members that perform the song above. Originally based in Zhengzhou Why Lazy have chosen to move to Beijing to be closer to the creative music scene and to have more opportunities to perform with some of the leading artists in the Chinese metal scene. Below are two photos of Why Lazy still performing in Zhengzhou:

Why Lazy at the 7 Livehouse, Zhengzhou, June 25th 2010 (7LIVEHOUSE躁等我回来,金属专场), photo (c) Douban

Why Lazy at the Zhengzhou Peace Music Festival (和平天空大河音乐节), October 2nd 2010, photo (c) Douban

Being international correspondent for the Painkiller Magazine and also co-founder of the Rock in China wikipedia, I (Azchael) have worked hard in the past couple of weeks on a project called “CORE IN CHINA” which features Chinese metalcore bands and will be released in May 2012. As part of that preparation work, a number of interviews with young and hot Chinese metal acts were conducted that I would love to share with the audience of Painkiller. Read what the young and hot new blood of heavy China have to say:

All interviews are linked to our sister blog Rock in China.